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Nov 07 2016

Election Day Voting Locations

Benton County is moving to vote centers for election day voting. Like early voting, you can now go to any Benton County vote center on election day. You are no longer limited voting at your specific precinct location. Due to technology requirements of the new equipment, some of your familiar voting locations are no longer …

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Oct 24 2016

12 Reasons to Vote for Carrie Perrien Smith for Mayor of Rogers

I talk to so many people who have already decided to vote for me without having first talked to me because I am a woman or a conservative Republican or — and this is the best one yet — not Greg Hines. While these are fine reasons if that what drives you, I’d like to …

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Jun 08 2015

Investing Strategically in Our City’s Green Space

With about four thousand square feet of flowerbeds that I either maintain or am constructing at our house or our rental, I pay attention to decorative green space. A healthy, well-landscaped yard adds thousands of dollars to the value of a home. I walk around the local cities and look at the landscaping. I watch …

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Nov 04 2012

The Economic Impact of Campaign Donations

How a candidate handles his or her campaign finances is public record — at least if they spend or raise over $500. In Arkansas, municipal candidates have to submit a pre-election financial report and a post-election report. I fall into that group that had to file. I wish campaigns could be run and won with …

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May 13 2012

A Strategy to Better Match Elected Leader Demographics to Community Demographics

I’m a big believer in strategically developing leaders. I also believe that the demographics of a community’s leaders should reflect the demographics of the community. According to 2010 census data, Rogers’ population is 31.5% Hispanic or Latino (click here to check out the rest of the census data). The Hispanic population has been been gradually increasing …

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