Your support is necessary if I am to be elected. Won’t you help me? Here are ways to show your support.

Donate Money

I wish we could just run this thing on love, street smarts, and hard work, but it takes some cash. Whether you have $20 or $2,000, your contribution will help us do something important in Rogers. Donate cash or something we’ll need for our community support-raising events.

Donate by Check

Make your check to Campaign to Elect Carrie Perrien Smith.

Mail it to:
Carrie Smith
2809 Laurel Crossing Circle
Rogers, AR 72758

Donate by Credit Card

Click here to donate online with your credit card.

Mail it to:
Carrie Smith
2809 Laurel Crossing Circle
Rogers, AR 72758

Buy Something from Our Campaign Store

I’ve put together some merchandise you might like. One hundred percent of the profit from these items goes into my campaign fund. I am super-excited about those brand new God Bless America window decals. Now you can show your love for America the same way people show their support for their kid’s extracurricular activities. Click here to visit the store.

Donate Time

A good deal of my time will be invested in knocking on doors and meeting people face to face at public events. I’d love it if you’d do that too. I will also need volunteers to help plan our activities, create the fun at our booth, and lend your spark to our community events.

Put a Sign in Front of Your House or Business

E-mail me at with your address and we’ll take care of it.

Put a Campaign Window Decal on Your Car

I don’t have these in stock yet but they are coming. Whether you are a resident of Rogers or not, you probably sit in traffic every day with people who can vote in Rogers. E-mail me at with your mailing address and we’ll send you one.

Help Me Connect to Friends on Social Media

Follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page and ask others to follow me too. Share my videos and blog posts with your friends too. Together, we’ll get the message out.

Vote for Me and Ask Others to Do the Same

In a race like this, every vote counts. You are influential to your friends and your recommendation matters.

I’ll provide you some marketing tools to help you get the message out about my campaign mission. If you would like something special to help you influence your friends and neighbors, let me know.

Host a Private Support-Raising Party

This is a popular meet-and-greet gathering where you invite people you know to get to know me and why my involvement on the city council matters for the future of Rogers. With any luck, we’ll win fans and they will help support the campaign as well in one of these methods.

Help Coordinate One of Our Public Support-Raising Events and Invite People to Attend

Let’s use this campaign as an opportunity to show people how important community engagement is and show them how it’s done. We’ll host a series of events to give people a chance to connect with us and have a lot of fun and meet others in the community. This part right here will provide the cure to the common campaign and the common community. Volunteer to coordinate, promote, or just attend these events.

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