Help support Carrie’s campaign by purchasing these items. Besides being cool merchandise items, 100 percent of the profit on each item goes into her campaign fund.

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Get Your God Bless America Window Decal for Your Vehicles

Donate $5 to get this striking 5″ x 5″ window decal for your vehicle. This clear decal with white letters looks elegant on the back window of your vehicle. People show their pride in their kids sports with decals like these — show how much you love America by proudly displaying this decal. Buy extras …


Wise Words for Smart Teens Makes a Great Gift

Donate $14.99 to Carrie’s campaign and receive a copy of Wise Words for Smart Teens: The Teenager’s Guide to a Great Life. This book was written specifically for teens. However, others who watch breathlessly as the teens they love prepare to step across the threshold to adulthood will also love Wise Words for Smart Teens. …