Rogers Greenway and Trail System Provides a Great Way to Get from Point A to Point B or Just Get Away


When I lived in northwest Rogers, I used to hit the trail system at Cambridge Park to shop at Sam’s Club and Walmart Neighborhood Market

One of my favorite amenities in Rogers is the trail system. Before we moved to Southwest Rogers, we lived in Whispering Timbers and had easy access to the Cambridge Trail. Over there, we were walking distance to banking, the movie theater, restaurants, and shopping. The Cambridge Trail gave me quick access to Sam’s Club and the Walmart Neighborhood Market. I could walk there quicker than I could drive there — just seven to nine minutes! I just grabbed my rolling cart and hit the trail when I need a small load of groceries.

If you are not taking advantage of our trail system for exercise or recreation, please check them out. It’s a great way to walk to dinner, spend time with family, or get away from the house for a little while.

Click here for the link to the master trail map. You can see which trails exist and where future trails are planned. Even though it is a year away, I look forward to the road project that will provide sidewalks to ensure safe walking and riding when I hit the Blossom Way Trail. Right now, you take your life in your own hands to get there if you have to travel Laurel. This little slip of country road has a lot of traffic these days.

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