CPS-Digital-Header-4A justice of the peace represents their district’s residents on the Benton County Quorum Court. It is the legislative body that manages the affairs of the county. It is made up of elected citizens. You deserve a leader who has a solid business résumé and education. Click here to learn more about my qualifications.

I am asking our voters to allow me to take my long commitment to serving our community into an elected position.

Here is my commitment to serving you on the Quorum Court.

  • Provide transparent, accessible communication about the activities and issues of the Benton County Quorum Court.
  • Influence decisions and legislation based on practical, common sense, conservative ideals.
  • Plan for the future while valuing and protecting the history of Benton County, Arkansas, and America.
  • Always consider the impact of every expense and savings on the residents of Benton County.
  • Ask how can we create a win-win-win scenario when exploring issues — a win for the residents, the county, and businesses —because all matter to our success and our future.
  • Conduct myself in a way that embodies honesty, straight talk about even toughest topics, and thorough investigation of issues of the Quorum Court, in both my public and private life.


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