Testimonials and Endorsements Please

Dear Friends Who Know Me,

endorsement graphicI have a special request. I need some testimonials or endorsements to use in my campaign marketing. If you would be willing to give your name, city (you don’t have to live in Rogers), and company name (if applicable) along with a few very specific words I could use, I’d be so grateful. Those things are important to voters.

Here are some ideas for the specific testimonial:

  • What I’ve done in the community
  • How I was to work with
  • Why you believe I will serve the citizens of Rogers
  • Why you believe I’m a person of character
  • What you believe I will do when elected

If you want to relate them to my campaign platform, click here to review my points.

Okay, that will get you started. Just post in the comments section below or e-mail me at carrie@carrie4rogers.com.

And please remember to ask people in the area to LIKE my campaign Facebook page. Click here to do that now. Oh, and invite some friends to do the same please.

Muchas Gracias, Amigos


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